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9 Good Reasons Why Digital Advertising is a Must-Do

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Are You Giving Away Website Traffic and Leads to Your Competitors?

This year, people are doing 5.6 billion searches every single day on Google! That’s 63,000 searches every second — and they are also interacting on Facebook which has 2 billion daily users!

These are crazy numbers…but think about it…what can that do for your business?

Businesses large and small are successfully monetizing these powerful platforms by using advertising dollars to attract people to their products and services. These days, digital advertising is an important piece of the Lead Generation Pie.

If you haven’t tried it yet, or haven’t had much success with online advertising, here are 9 Good Ways that Online Advertising Creates Value —for you, and your customers:


Builds awareness for your brand with prospective customers who are browsing and buying online. It can take seven or more touch points before a consumer even recognizes your brand name and starts to become familiar with what you do or offer.


Reinforces your messaging across all digital channels – such as social media, organic SEO, and website optimization. It’s an omni-channel world out there, but that’s for another blog post.


By hyper-targeting, Google Ads helps you convert searches into customers by displaying your ad at the exact moment people are searching online for your type of business. 


Using links properly in ads literally sends people doing google searches to click through to your website…and not to your competitors!


Using re-targeting, Google helps you show new ads to people wherever they go online. You can target people who’ve clicked your ads and visited your website, but did not take or complete an action (fill out a form, or make a purchase). Fact: prospects are more likely to convert when they have become more familiar with and exposed to your business.


We know that Facebook knows a lot about us and our interests based on what we do on Facebook…our likes, preferences, what types of posts we’ve interact with, etc. This allows for ad targeting with high precision — meaning, ads are shown to people with a high propensity to be interested in what your business offers.


Facebook and Google know where their users are located, which allows advertisers to do even more precise targeting. So you can choose to show ads to people who live in a very specific place. Imagine targeting people who are within just a few miles of your location.


Facebook is great for building new audiences you can save and re-use later, as well as creating ‘lookalike audiences’ that share similar characteristics with your known groups. “FB — go out and find more of these people!” You can even upload your customer email list and Facebook will try to find those people on the platform and serve them your ads.


Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms allow you to test your ads to see what works best.  So you can refine your campaigns to get their best performance and the results you need.

Done well, digital advertising can have a powerful impact on your business. But like all good things, it’s not a set it and forget it proposition.

When you’re ready to UpLevel, we can help you set objectives, develop the right campaign structure, and implement a process for optimizing for higher levels of performance, Combined with our attentive active account management, you will build a well-oiled lead generating tool – at any budget that works for your business.

Do you use digital advertising for your business? If yes, what type of success are you seeing? If no, what’s holding you back?  

Need some help with your digital advertising strategies and campaign management? We are here to help.
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